Dr Shahidi’s Team

Dr Shahidi’s Team

Practice manager and Registered Nurse

Raleigh works closely with Dr Shahidi and the other members of the team to ensure the smooth day-to-day running of the clinic. She is also in charge of coordinating and overseeing each patient’s care. As a Registered Nurse and a background in health management, Raleigh has professional and practical knowledge of all aspects of facial plastic surgery and will support you during your consultations and recovery periods to ensure you have a great experience and are able to obtain the best possible results.

Practice Secretary

Marisa is usually your first point of contact with the clinic and will take the time to answer all of your questions. She will assist you with preparing for and booking your initial consultation as well as stepping you through the rest of the process. Marisa’s friendly manner makes her easy to talk to and will take the time to answer your questions thoroughly. When you arrive at the clinic, Marisa will welcome you and assist you to complete the necessary paperwork. Marisa will ensure you are at ease and feeling confident throughout your experience.

Surgical Bookings Coordinator

If you didn’t speak to her over the phone before coming in, you will meet Amy when you come in for your consultation with Dr Shahidi. Following Dr Shahidi’s assessment of your nose, Amy will provide you with a treatment plan and information regarding booking surgery; including the process, convenient dates and availability. Amy will then be your liaison to seamlessly coordinate and guide you through your surgical journey and answer all of your queries relating to booking your procedure.

Dr Noela Ferch

Dr Noela Ferch has a passion for facial rejuvenation. She understands that people want to reach their full potential and feel good about themselves, and that this is often closely tied to their appearance. Whether slowing down the effects of time or enhancing a youthful face, Dr Ferch will take the time to explain the options available with the aim of achieving the most natural look.

‘My greatest reward is knowing that I have made my patients feel happier and more confident about their appearance, particularly as I know that this will impact on the way they perceive themselves when facing the world.’

Dr Ferch has worked in Sydney for 20 years. She completed her medical studies at the University of Sydney. She worked at the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital during her specialist training in anaesthesia, and finished a year of fellowship training at the Prince of Wales Hospital, where she completed her specialisation. She then worked in London at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals to further hone her skills.

Dr Ferch has worked as a specialist for more than 10 years. She has an interest in obstetric anaesthesia and anaesthesia for aesthetic surgery and has been associated with Dr Shahram Shahidi for several years. Dr Ferch is a member of the Australian Society of Anaesthetists, an organization that ensures its members uphold the highest standards of safety and care in their work. Due to her natural interest in aesthetic enhancement, she has widened her scope to include facial rejuvenation and has joined the injectables side of Dr Shahidi’s practice.

Dr Ferch has always been a creative individual and has a natural eye for beauty, which aids in her patients’ results. She administers injections with optimal precision, while paying close attention to what will offer the most natural-looking results.