How much is a Consultation with Dr Shahidi for Rhinoseptoplasty?

An initial consultation for primary rhinoplasty with Dr. Shahidi is $350. The $350 is a pre-payment and is processed at the point of booking (with a credit card over the phone or direct deposit). You are required to bring a GP referral to the consultation. If you do not bring a referral or your Medicare card, or if you do not have Australian Medicare there will be an additional $105 charge on the day of the appointment. The $350 is a non-refundable payment and if you would like to reschedule your appointment you would be required to give us two working days' notice. If you bring a GP referral and your Medicare card to the consultation you will then receive a rebate of $73 from Medicare.

What days does Dr Shahidi consult on?

Tuesdays each week for new consultations. Thursdays for follow up appointments

What do I need to do before my initial consultation?

We recommend using our app (The App can be downloaded from the App store or the Play store or simply search for Dr Shahidi) to perform your own computer imaging to give Dr Shahidi an idea of what you are wanting to achieve through surgery. Remember a picture speaks a thousand words! So if you can show him an image of what you are wanting to achieve this makes the consultation process much easier. We also recommend knowing exactly what you do not like about your nose and what you are wanting to change.

What happens during my initial consultation?

We will take a complete medical history. You will discuss with Dr Shahidi what you don't like about your nose both aesthetically and functionally. You will also discuss what you are wanting to achieve through nose surgery. Dr Shahidi will then perform an ENT examination of your nose using a Nasendoscopy. He will then take some photos of you. Then together you will do some computer imaging to give you an idea of what is realistic and achievable with your nose. Then Dr Shahidi will provide you with more information on how the operation is performed, risks and what is involved. Our cosmetic consultant will then provide you with a quote and information on availability and booking surgery. In some cases, further medical and specialist clearance is required before we can book your surgery.

What is the waiting period for a consultation/surgery with Dr Shahidi?

2-3 months wait for a consultation. Then following the consultation there is usually about a 2 month wait for surgery.

What is the cost of surgery?

The cost of surgery varies for each operation and for each individual needs. For further information on costing please call us on 02 80800190 or send us an enquiry on our contact page

Can I use my private health fund for Rhinoseptoplasty?

Potentially. Rhinoplasty is generally considered a cosmetic procedure. However, in some cases medical rhinoplasties are performed and your health fund may provide you with a rebate or cover your hospital stay. Dr Shahidi would need to take a thorough medical history of physical examination of your nose before medical item numbers could be provided to you if you are eligible.

Will I need to go to hospital for my procedure?

Yes. Dr Shahidi operates at North Shore Specialist Day Hospital (Greenwhich) on Wednesdays and Lakeview Private Hospital (Bella Vista) on Mondays.

Do I need to have a General Anaesthetic?

Yes. All our operations are performed under a General Anaesthetic in a hospital

Do I need to stay in hospital over night?

Rhinoseptoplasty is day surgery, you generally go home a few hours after your surgery. However, some patients with medical conditions or you do not have a family member/friend to pick you are from the hospital and care for you, then you can stay one night at the hospital. However, you will still need family or friend to look after you when you return home.

What is the recovery time for Rhinoseptoplasty?

Everyone is different depending on your occupation. We provide you with a medical certificate for 2 weeks. You will have your plaster removed after one week, and most patients are ready to return to work after about 10-14days. You may have some slight bruising or swelling of your cheeks, but nothing that a bit of makeup won't cover. Following the surgery Dr Shahidi will review you about 6 weeks later, then every 5-6 months for 12-18months until your nose has fully settled.

What type of rhinoseptoplasty does Dr Shahidi specialise in?

Dr Shahidi specialises in Open Structure Rhinoplasty. This technique requires advanced training and is the most structurally comprehensive approach. The technique requires extensive grafting from the patient's own cartilage to create structural grafts maintain the noses strength and shape. Open structure rhinoplasty does take longer to perform that traditional reductive rhinoplasty however the results provide greater ongoing patient satisfaction with a stronger nose.

I am interested in undergoing a surgical procedure with Dr Shahidi. What should I do?

Call our clinic on 0280800190 and chat to our friendly team. It's best to ask them your questions over the phone that way we can tailor the information to your individual circumstances.

Do I need a referral to see Dr Shahidi?

We recommend it. The way in which we conduct our initial consultations is medical and subsequently can be claimable with Medicare. However, then if your operation is considered cosmetic, the surgery is not claimable with Medicare.

I live interstate. How does the process work?

You will need to come to Sydney for the initial consultation as Dr Shahidi needs to assess you in person (by looking at their nose internally and externally). For our interstate patients we generally try to organise the appointment for you around lunch time so that way you can fly to Sydney in the morning, have lunch and the consultation in Sydney, then fly home in the evening (to save on accommodation costs).

Usually following your consultation, most of your questions can then be answered over the phone and we would arrange your pre op appointment to be done over the phone as well (to save an extra trip to Sydney). You will then be required to come to Sydney for the surgery and stay in Sydney for 8-10days (depending on the time of your cast removal appointment). You will also need to have someone in Sydney to look after you during the first half of this post op phase (minimum). You will then need to come Sydney for a check-up 4-6 weeks later, then another 4-6 months after that, depending on your healing Dr Shahidi may require to see you again. You would need to make a few trips to Sydney if you were wanting to have surgery with Dr Shahidi.

Do you do payment plans?

No. There are Medical and cosmetic loan companies that can be found online that provide patients with loans to fund their surgery. You can find their details online, however you should also compare these companies with different banks and finance institutions.

Does the cost of surgery need to be paid upfront?

Yes. Dr Shahidi's fee is due six weeks prior to the surgery. We require a $1,000 deposit to secure a surgery date, then 6 weeks prior to surgery the remaining amount of Dr Shahidi's fee is due. Anaesthetic fee is then payable the day prior to surgery. Then on the day of surgery the hospital fee is due.

I have had my Rhinoplasty elsewhere and now would like Revision Rhinoplasty with Dr Shahidi. What do I do?

You need to wait 12-18months from your previous surgery before we could assess your nose. The process for revision rhinoplasty is very different to primary rhinoplasty and we only offer virtual consultations as a first step. For information on the process please call us on 02 8080 0190

I have just injured and broken my nose. What do I do?

Call our clinic as soon as you can on 02 8080 0190 so our team can ask you some questions about your injury and provide you with the best information and timeframes for your case.

What other surgical procedures does Dr Shahidi perform?

Septoplasty (performed independently of rhinoplasty)

Revision Rhinoplasty

Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery

Blepharoplasty (Drooping upper eyelids)

Otoplasty (Ear pinning for Adults and Children)

Tonsilectomy (Children over age 2 and Adults)

Adenoidectomy (Children over age 2 and Adults)

Grommets (Children over age 2 and Adults)

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