Fractured Nose

Fractured Nose

A fracture of the nose can lead to deviation or depression of a segment of the nose. An operation to correct this deformity will never result in a perfectly straight nose.

We can only approximate the shape of your previous nose as we are now dealing with broken bones. These broken bones are less stable than natural nasal bones.

A fractured nose must be corrected within two and a half weeks after the injury. If that window of opportunity is missed the bones will set in the injured position. The patient must then wait 6 months for the bones to stabilise sufficiently for a formal Rhinoplasty.

A reduction of a fractured nose within the two-and-a-half week period after the injury is performed under a general anaesthetic. The operation takes 20 minutes and is usually a day only procedure. A plaster cast is placed on the nose and must be kept very dry. It is therefore essential that the face is washed with a facecloth.

The plaster will be removed after 7-8 days. No contact sport is permitted for a further 6-10 weeks as the nose bones can easily be knocked out of position. If the final position of the nose is unsatisfactory a Rhinoplasty could be considered 6-12 months after the simple reduction of the fractured nose.

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