Male Rhinoplasty

Male Rhinoplasty

Male Rhinoplasty Growing More Popular in Sydney

Traditionally, rhinoplasty was more common among men who had sustained sport injuries to their nose or had functional issues. It is becoming more common for men to seek rhinoplasty who don’t like the size or shape of their noses. They are seeking more refined and balanced noses that harmonise with the rest of their facial features. Today, male nose jobs (rhinoplasties) are among the top five requested plastic surgery procedures. Dr Shahidi has extensive experience performing rhinoplasty for men.

Reasons Men Are Increasingly Likely to Get Rhinoplasty

One reason there has been such an increase in nose surgery (rhinoplasty) for men is that more men realise it’s okay to want to alter their appearance according to their own aesthetic desires. There are many reasons why individual men may seek rhinoplasty surgery, whether due to a desire for symmetry or more harmonious features. A large number of our male patients have sustained previous sporting injury to their nose and are wanting to have this injury or the subsequent poor function of their nose addressed.

The Differences Between Female and Male Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Every single rhinoplasty surgery is different, depending on the desired outcome for each patient. Still, the basic procedure is the same in both females and males. It is the goals and the outcomes that often vary.

Females tend to want their noses more diminutive, not taking up a large portion of their faces. Men, in general, want their noses to stay more prominent. It takes a skilled surgeon who is experienced in performing male rhinoplasty to address these different aesthetic desires successfully.

The Bridge – One reason that men want a rhinoplasty is to correct a dorsal hump on the bridge. The goal of surgery on women with a dorsal hump is typically (but not always) to create a narrower, slightly concave bridge. In men, however, a slightly convex or straighter bridge is often more desired. Therefore, during a male rhinoplasty, the surgeon generally aims to minimise the hump while maintaining the appearance of the bridge.

The Tip – The nasal skin at the tip of the nose is naturally thicker in men than in women. This can complicate surgery if the surgeon isn’t experienced in the skills used in male rhinoplasty. Additionally, the angle of the male nose tends to be different from the female nose.

Overall Size – A male nose is often larger and more prominent than the typical female nose. This means the surgeon must perform with consideration for the natural male facial proportion.

Reasons for Male Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty is a procedure used to correct previous rhinoplasties. These procedures might have been performed to improve the aesthetics of the nose and/or to improve its function.

Revision rhinoplasty, also called secondary rhinoplasty, requires even greater skills than those needed for successful rhinoplasty. Anyone who has already undergone one or more procedures presents numerous challenges. They might be unhappy with their results and unsure about whether additional procedures will or won’t result in a better outcome. Most significantly, an additional procedure might require cartilage to replace what was removed during the previous surgery. The surgeon may need to take cartilage from other areas of the body, such as the rib or ear, to perform the restorative procedure.

Sometimes nasal surgery (rhinoplasty) leads to conditions that interfere with nasal function. For example, if the tip cartilages collapse, it might result in nasal obstruction. Getting the desired initial results from your primary rhinoplasty may eliminate the need for revision surgery.

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Dr Shahidi is a highly trained and experienced surgeon in ENT and Facial Plastic surgery. He has performed many male rhinoplasty surgeries with successful results. Check out the before and after images in his expansive photo gallery.

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