Tip Plasty

Tip Plasty

Nasal tip plasty is a surgical procedure during which rhinoplasty surgeon changes the shape of the tip of the nose.

What You Should Know About Tip Plasty

The surgery typically focuses on reshaping and reducing the size of the nasal tip and making sure it is in proportion to the rest of the face. There are different types of nose tip plasty, including open or closed tip plasty. The one that’s right for you will depend on your specific needs. If you are experiencing conditions such as wide nose tip, bulbous nose tip, long or short nose tip, or an overall uneven nose tip, you could benefit from tip plasty procedures.

What Happens During Nose Tip Plasty?

The surgeon might use either open or closed approach to tip plasty. In the case of open approach, he makes a small incision under the nose tip between the nostrils. Open surgery is used when the patient requires more extensive sculpting of the nose.

Closed tip plasty means that the surgeon makes the incisions inside of the nostril. This approach is often used in rhinoplasty procedures when minor adjustments to the nasal structure is required. Sometimes, non-surgical tip plasty is an option. During this procedure, the surgeon injects dermal fillers into certain areas to smooth out bumps, improve nasal symmetry and reshape the nasal tip.

Surgical tip plasty is similar to that of standard rhinoplasty surgery. The primary difference is that the procedure is less extensive. Some patients only require reshaping the tip of the nose and no structural changes to the rest of their nose. To achieve this, the surgeon repositions and reshapes the cartilages in the nasal tip according to the specific deformities of the patient.

If the patient has a bulbous tip, it is usually due to the thick nasal skin and soft tissue in the tip of the nasal passages. During the procedure, the surgeon removes the excess soft tissue to create a smaller nasal tip.

For patients with pointy nose tips, the surgeon takes cartilage from other areas to add volume. This cartilage might come from the septum or from other areas like the ears or ribs. If the nasal tip rotates upward or droops, the surgeon might need to rotate the nasal tip to achieve a more desirable angle.

Why You Might Need Revision Tip Plasty

Surgeons often describe rhinoplasty as a combination of art and science. This is because a nose job is one of the most difficult procedures to do and requires an expert touch. There’s also the possibility that the patient won’t feel like they achieved the results they wanted. If you aren’t happy with your results from a previous procedure, Dr Shahidi may be able to perform revision tip plasty to achieve a better result.

The surgery differs for men in comparison to women. The skin over the tip of the nose is naturally thicker in men than in women. The angle of the tip and the size in proportion to the face also differ. Getting the best results requires a skilled surgeon who has performed these procedures multiple times.

What to Expect from Tip Plasty Recovery

Nasal tip plasty is typically much faster than traditional rhinoplasty for the entire nose. Depending on the patient, it might take between about an hour or so. You might experience minor pain and swelling. You might have a very small, scar if the surgeon uses an open procedure. If he takes cartilage from your ear for the surgery, you will have a tiny scar there too.

Could You Benefit from Nasal Tip Plasty?

If you aren’t happy with the tip of your nose, look at our before and after photos to learn how we can help. Did you know that Dr Shahidi has an Android and iPhone app that lets you plan how you want your nose to look? During your consultation, Dr Shahidi will discuss your options for tip plasty with you. He performs both types of tip plasty including cartilage surgery and alar reduction.

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Whether you are considering your first rhinoplasty procedure or think you might need revision tip plasty to correct a previous surgery, we can help. Dr Shahidi is an experienced plastic surgeon who is highly trained in rhinoplasty. Call to book your consultation with us today.

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