Consultation Day

Consultation Day

During the initial consultation you will meet Dr Shahidi and his support team. At the consultation Dr Shahidi will run through the following stages.

He will:

  • Take a complete and thorough medical history.
  • Carefully check the symmetry and study the strength of your nose.
  • Examine your nose internally using a nasal endoscope to fully evaluate the structural integrity of your nose.
  • Examine your face from different angles: the front, side, whilst resting and when smiling.
  • Focus on your desired outcome and what it is that you would like specifically.
  • Utilise an advanced computer imaging system to view how your nose might look with different procedures. For more information about computer imaging your new nose please call us on (02) 8080 0190.
  • Encourage you to ask any questions or express concerns.
  • Arrange any investigations that may be needed.

It is very common for Dr Shahidi to review patients over at least 2 consultations before surgery is scheduled as there are many issues that need to be addressed before embarking on such a surgery.

For your consultation you are more than welcome to bring a friend or family member.