Interstate Patient Information

Interstate Patient Information

Dr Shahidi is based in Woollahra in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs in Australia. However, he frequently treats patients from all over New South Wales and Interstate. He also treats International patients. Patients who travel to Sydney from other States or countries will have to arrange accommodation when planning their consultations and surgery. Our friendly team is happy to provide any information that will help in this regard. Please call us on: (02) 8080 0190 for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to stay overnight in hospital?

Most people go home on the day of the operation, however, if you have travelled more than 1 hour by car or have flown from interstate, we suggest you either stay overnight in the hospital or stay at a friend’s or a relative’s house. If this option is not available to you then consider staying at a serviced apartment or a hotel overnight.

You will need a responsible adult to be with you. The following day once you are feeling better you can go home.

For interstate or overseas patients we suggest staying in Sydney for 8-10 days after the operation. Dr Shahidi will see you 8 days later and remove the splints. Most people are well enough to fly home the following day. We suggest you should get travel insurance in case you have to change your travel plans.

Following surgery what are my limitations?

Bed rest for the first night and then slowly out of bed the following day depending on how you feel. In the first week we suggest you take it easy indoors.

When can I fly on a commercial airline?

8-10 days later

Can I see my local doctor for post-op visits?

Not after nasal surgery. Nasal splint needs to be removed by Dr Shahidi or his nurse.

How long does the bruising and swelling take to subside?

10-14 days

Do I have to bring someone with me?

Yes, see above